1.75 hp 1250W 1800 Base Speed B14 Frame General Purpose Intelligent Switch Reluctance Motor

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Product Overview

This Striatech electric drive is a 1.75 HP (1250W) Multi Firing Switch Reluctance motor with unique technology, developed and owned by DVR Technology Developments Inc. This superior drive system has a base speed of 1800 RPM (the RPM which delivers the highest torque) and is a B14 frame. Through intelligent control, this variable speed motor ‘talks’ to the internal micro-computer, constantly monitoring conditions, giving it the edge in comparison with conventional motors. The micro-computer will monitor the rotor at all times and when load is put onto the spindle more power will be provided to the electric magnets to pull the rotor around maintaining a constant RPM no matter what the load is. With the windings in the STATOR, rather than wrapped around the rotor, there is no centripetal force pulling the windings. Hence, re-winding motors is a thing of the past. The Striatech motor has a simple construction which has eliminated permanent magnets, brushes and commutators. This technology offers next level intelligence where the motors merge with the application for seamless convergence and integration. Due to the Striatech motor’s ability to sense load and adjust to the application operation intensity the motor brings considerable energy savings up to 50% over other conventional motor systems. The motor offers built-in wireless and standard protocols via USB and does not require bipolar.




(No reviews yet) Write a Review