Switched Reluctance is Taking Over The Internet

Posted by Jen on Mar 15th 2017

Looking for more information about Striatech and how we changed switched reluctance motors? Check out this article, published by EDrive Magazine. It's pretty cool to think of ourselves as an accidenta … read more

Striatech Switched Reluctance: Perfect for Pumps

Posted by Jen on Feb 14th 2017

Our company president, Joel Latimer, was recently published in Pumps and Systems magazine. He shared some solid insights on applying switched reluctance motors to pumping applications. Check … read more

Striatech Hits the Road

Posted by Jen C. on Oct 31st 2016

Striatech is hitting the road with our switched reluctance motors. We're heading to the Motor and Drive Systems conference in Orlando, Fla., on January 18-19. Will you be there? Let us know -- we'd lo … read more