Wireless Controller for Striatech Motor

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Product Overview



Features and Benefits: 
- Wireless control convenience right at your fingertips
- Adjust speeds, stop and start. 
- Easy and convenient to hold. 
- Easy to install with step by step guide to your existing NOVA DVR Lathe. 
- Working range of up to 23ft/7m line of sight
- 1 Year Standby Battery Life 
- 6 Months Battery Life with up to 20 commands per day 


Technical Specifications: 
- Wireless remote, 2.4GHz, Radio Frequency (RF) 
- Interface/Receiver. Easy to Install. 

- 1 Year Warranty 
- FCC & CE Compliant


Standard Equipment: 
- Wireless remote control unit
- Plug in Interface/Receiver for your NOVA DVR Lathe PCB Board
- Instructions



(No reviews yet) Write a Review