1.75HP (1250W) Striatech Switched Reluctance Motor

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Product Overview

This unique package features a 1.75 HP (1250W) multi-firing switched reluctance motor and intelligent controller, designed and developed by Striatech. Choose from a B14 or NEMA 56C frame, and select your base speed -- either 600, 1000 or 1800 rpm. Base speed refers to the speed at which torque is delivered at the optimal level. 

Unlike its competitors, this smart motor delivers an experience that suits your application through its intelligent control system. This variable speed motor communicates with its internal micro-computer, which constantly monitors conditions and reacting to its environment. This micro-computer is monitoring the rotor constantly, and when the load is put onto the spindle, more power will be provided to the electric magnets to pull the rotor around, thus maintaining a constant RPM regardless of the load. This key feature helps deliver up to a 50% energy savings over comparable motors. The digital interface makes it easy to see what your motor is doing – you can view the current speed and direction in just a glance and modify the motor’s function in a few steps.

Maintenance is easier on a Striatech motor. Because its windings are in the stator (rather than wrapped around the rotor), there is no centripetal force pulling the windings, and therefore no need to ever re-wind ever again. With simple construction and no permanent magnets, brushes and commutators, this motor is truly built to last.

The control system is so precise that it can also function as a stepper motor, in addition to its usual variable speed option. This motor can reach speeds from 100-5500 RPM in forward or reverse. This motor also features a built-in USB connection for easy firmware updates.


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    Posted by Jack Plant on Oct 30th 2019

    Impressive machine, very smooth and easy to use.