Who we are

 Tired of traditional AC and DC motors – which, while ubiquitous, are noisy and rather unreliable – the minds behind Striatech began powering switched reluctance motors (SRM) with ground-breaking technology. The result? A silent, highly controllable and programmable, durable motor.


The results have been staggering. Our customers have implemented these intelligent motors and upgraded woodworking and metalworking tools, pumps, dust collectors, winches, HVAC systems and more. In each of these applications, we’ve seen significant energy savings – more than 50% energy savings over a traditional AC motor. These motors require limited maintenance, offer extensive safety features and allow for remarkable flexibility in applications. Because of the technology, the motor can adapt its behavior to the environment and adjust accordingly. That’s exactly what it sounds like: a motor that thinks for you.


Despite this incredible innovation, Striatech is not a company that is happy to rest on its laurels. The innovation pipeline at Striatech is always full – bursting with ideas for new applications, improvements to the software and ways to enhance our technology. We are much more than just a company that makes motors; we are a company that creates solutions.

Striatech is where the mind meets motor.



The Brand

 The name Striatech derives from the word "Striatum" which is the anatomical part of the human brain that is responsible for directing movement. Neuroscientists call it "motor control" - and so do we. 

The magic behind our product is that the sophisticated controller acts as the mind, and the sturdy switched reluctance motor acts as the muscle. This is why Striatech Systems are Where the Mind Meets Motor



Our Mission

 Our mission is to raise the bar in motor system intelligence and deliver custom made solutions that will transform your product into a true market disrupter.



Our Vision

 Our vision is to increase the sophistication and efficiency of all motor driven applications across all markets through the use of our smart technology.



Our History

 Striatech is a proud subsidiary of Teknatool International, purveyor of high-quality, innovative woodworking equipment. The engineers and developers at Teknatool spent years trying to find the perfect motor supplier for their line of wood lathes, but they had trouble finding the right match. Instead of giving up, they went to work. Partnering with the University of Auckland (New Zealand), the team developed a switched reluctance motor that could be adapted to a smart, digital controller. The technology they created was dubbed Digital Variable Reluctance -- DVR for short.

While Teknatool had tremendous success implementing these motor systems into their tools -- including the invention of the world's first smart, direct drive drill press -- it was clear that this motor had more potential. That's when Striatech was given its opportunity to fit into a variety of different applications, including fans, pumps, HVAC systems and many other woodworking and metalworking tools. 


Our Team 

 As an innovation-focused company, our team is both lead and staffed by engineers in the US and New Zealand facilities. The two teams work together to help develop new products and applications, as well as perfect our current designs.