NOVA VOYAGER DVR 18″ Variable Speed Drill Press

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Product Overview

This product is available through NOVA and any of its authorized dealers. Visit the NOVA/Teknatool website for more information. 

  • Unique DVR technology

The direct drive motor is incredibly smooth with no pulleys or belts to vibrate

  • Intelligent Digital Control

Easy to operate, the NOVA DVR range of machines are the only SMART machines on the market to automatically adjust the speed for the application

  • High Torque Power

Instant power when you need it. With its 1.75HP/2HP high torque motor, exceptional structural strength and smart design, the NOVA Voyager has the power and capacity to handle a wide variety of projects with ease.

  • Faster, more efficient drilling

With no belts to cause vibration, a computer that automatically adjusts performance and solid cast iron construction, the Voyager is one smooth and quiet operator. Drill faster and more efficiently.

  • Plug n’ Play

Easy to use, with a push button electronic variable speed with forward and reverse.

  • Power saving

Smart computer controlled motor only draws as much power as it needs for the project being worked on. The Striatech DVR motor can save up to 50% energy and emissions over conventional motors.


  • Low Maintenance
  • Intelligent Speed Selection to get the correct speed for the application
  • Variable Speed 50 – 3,000 RPM (option in settings to increase to 5,500 RPM)
  • No belts. Quiet and smooth operation.
  • Slow Start Pilot Hole Function
  • Tapping Assist Function
  • Digital speed readout
  • Electronic Braking
  • Load Readout
  • Self Starting Function
  • Digital Quill Depth Readout
  • Precise speed adjustment with knob
  • Forward/Reverse Functionality
  • 6” of quill travel in 2 revolutions of the handle
  • Sensors for superior safety, use and maintenance
  • Adjustable mechanical stop coupled with digital readout for accurate and repeatable actions


(No reviews yet) Write a Review