SHOPSMITH PowerPro DIY Upgrade Kit

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Product Overview

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This Complete Woodworking System is supported by over 400 hard-working optional accessories that have helped them perform practically any imaginable woodworking operation... and do it with very little in the way of compromise. And finally, users are amazed by how even 50-year-old MARK Vs continue to deliver all this over and over and over again... year in and year out... without failure or as much as a whimper.

Now you can upgrade your Mark V to the next level... and get even more performance than you've enjoyed thus far!

  • More Power - 1-3/4HP at 120V, 2HP at 240V, Twice the torque at every speed.
  • Broader Speed Range - 250 rpm to 10,000 rpm
  • Forward and Reverse Operation
  • Easy to Use Digital Control Panel
  • Fool-Proof Controls
  • Smoother, Quieter Operation
  • Lowered Electrical Power Requirements


(No reviews yet) Write a Review